A first date is a big deal, it tells you everything about a person you potentially want to create a future or have a relationship with. That first impression can count for everything. The slow dating app Once, has recently introduced features which allow us as women to rate our dates, and yes it’s great - no more ghosting if you’re not interested, constructive feedback for the guy that just wasn’t quite right, and a heads up from other women sharing their experience with your potential date. Think of it as an Uber or Trip Advisor for dating.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

All reviews are verified; nothing nasty is ever published on their profile, the purpose is to provide constructive feedback and improve the quality of dates from the app. But you’ll be shocked at some of the reviews that Once has received that didn’t pass the verification process! Here are the 10 worst dates of all time..

(We’ve kept these anonymous to spare the poor guys more embarrassment than they have already created!)

Mr Gassy

“I really have no idea what Max ate before coming to the date but he just couldn’t stop farting during the whole evening. The noise I heard coming from his stomach reminded me of one of those scenes in the Aliens movies, with an alien parasite emerging from the human body. My advice: he should consider seeing a doctor soon.”

Mr Mummy's Boy

“James was accompanied by his mother when arriving at the date. She was a lovely lady. But obviously that’s not the point here! I can’t be the only one perceiving this as slightly… ermmm “unusual”?”

Mr Sleaze

“This prankster was already shit-faced when meeting up for the date. He said “let’s take things up a notch”, however not with me - but the waitress! He even had the cheek after that to ask to split the bill! Worst, date, ever!”

Mr Catfish

“I didn’t really recognise him at first and for a good reason, the guy was completely bald which was pretty much the opposite of how he looked on his pics beforehand. He looked like he’d sent his dad on a date!”

Mr Confusing

“I admit that the profile pics were a bit hazy but regardless, I was quite shocked during that date. The person awaiting me at the bar was wearing a classy red dress, high heels and a moustache! At first, I just didn’t want to believe that it actually was a guy in women’s clothes. WTF! Ultimate catfishing!”

Mr Dogging

“The guy arrived in his car and said that I am supposed to hop in to look for a parking spot together. I refused to get into the car of someone I don’t know and told him to get his car parked and to join me afterwards. Apparently that was a problem, so the guy disappeared as fast as he arrived - without me of course.”

Mr Spaghetti

“Mr. Spaghetti is what I have started to call him after this memorable date. He invited me out for a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant. So far, so good. But after the dinner, he said to my face: “Well, after having invited you to a tasty dish of spaghetti, it’s time for you to take care of my own spaghetti”. Classy…VOM”

Mr Already Involved

“First date, great chat, overall a nice guy. I was seated facing him and I couldn’t help noticing that he was looking at something behind me. I turned around, there was a girl smiling and the guy said to her: “So, what do you think? She ain’t half bad right? Exactly like on her pics!”. Then he looked at me and said: “That’s my girlfriend actually, we are looking for a third player in our love game”.”

Mr Over-Committal

“For our third date, he invited me for a dinner at his place. “I’ll prepare a little surprise for you”, he said. Not only did he prepare a romantic candle light dinner in the living room, he also invited half of his family for this occasion, lined up around the table waiting for the guest of honour - me….”

Mr Set Up

“After adding each other on Facebook I stalked his pictures a little - handsome guy. On our first date, I entered the bar and recognised him immediately. However, there was a weird guy talking to him. I walked over to them and he said: “So...actually it’s a bit embarrassing but, I have a girlfriend. My friend here is the one you will date tonight. He is a bit shy which is why I do the talking in the beginning. Well, I’ll leave you to it then, bye!” And I was left with this stranger.”

If you like the idea of rating your date, are keen to read reviews before agreeing to go for drinks or dinner, then you can give dating with Once a go, by downloading the app for free today on Google Play and the AppStore.

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