They want to impress their friends

They want to impress their friends

Something I have noticed when you have been in a long term relationship, is that compliments from your man get fewer and far between unless he wants to get lucky.

Even if you are all dolled up in a new outfit and you ask him does this look alright? (Because they would never volunteer and opinion anymore), the best he can come out with this, ‘yeah it’s ok’. This makes you feel really awful about yourself and even makes you doubt whether you have just wasted a significant amount of money on a good dress that your partner is only lukewarm about. Great.

Even worse; when they barely look at you and utter those frightful words- ‘you look nice’- cheers- the most lukewarm sentiment that you could have picked from your extensive repertoire of positive things and you pick ‘nice’. Let me go and change right now and cry my mascara off!

It’s no surprise that women dress for women when they have a special occasion; not for their men according to feelunique.

When it comes to hair, make up and clothes, their friend’s opinion of what they look like is much more important than their partner’s and it’s not difficult to understand why. Men don’t notice clothes unless they are skin tight and he can see your nipples and your ass to imagine what you look like naked. They don’t care about make up unless they are kissing it off your lips and they really don’t give a damn about your hair, even when you have just had it cut, unless he is tugging on it during sex. Stuff like this passes them by because it’s not important when they go out. Un-ironed shirt- check, jeans- check, dressy shoes- check, gel- done. Good for you. 

Women notice when you get your eyebrows waxed, if you are wearing eyeliner and if when you have bought a new outfit. They look more closely at other the fairer sex and so getting a compliment from women is much more satisfying than one from a man.

Men dish out the compliments when they first meet you and want to get you into bed but these are significantly reduced once they have secured you as their partner. God forbid another man would make you feel good with some kind words, because your partner will go nuts. So you don’t want to tell me I look nice, but if another man dares to notice me- that’s not ok? So how can you fix that? Take two seconds out of your day and do something thoughtful for me. It costs you nothing and strengthens our relationship.  

Eight out of ten women get a real buzz from being told they look good by a man or a woman, even if the man has an alternative motive. A compliement is still a compliment at the end of day- we'll take it with both hands thanks very much. 

It takes effort to prep for a night out, from showering, to make up, to choosing an outfit- a little acknowledgement of the graft it takes to look good would be appreciated. But I guess we are fighting a losing battle, because all her cares about is that your outfit isn’t too outlandish that it causes unwelcome gossip. 

Suzie Thomas, Commercial Director at feel unique said, “It’s great that women are out to impress other women and not necessarily the opposite sex. The chances are other females will be a lot more in tune with make-up and style than men will be so it’s no wonder new clothes and the latest beauty looks are lost on men.”


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