Men are generally expected to do all the flirting to impress a lady but the women are turning the tables!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Through the UK, Canada and the US, women were named to be the biggest flirts over men.

The only exception was in Italy were men are known for their heavy flirting and use it in practically every sentence.

It used to be that no woman would ever flirt with a man unless he showed some interest first but now we’re shunning any caution and instead going in strong with the flirty glances and playful banter.

The way we flirt is changing too. Instead of being all coy and giggly, men prefer when we pass them suggestive glances and we like to have a laugh, poke some fun and have a bit of banter with a potential partner.

So what should we be avoiding when dating? Well, Zoosk found that the biggest turn off for women was when men invaded their personal space.

For men, it was when women offered to lend them money so ladies, keep your purses closed!

Despite our uptight nature, we Brits seem to be greatly relaxed when it comes to getting our flirt on.

When asked if it’s okay to flirt if you’re in a relationship, nearly half of the men and 40 per cent of women felt that it was completely acceptable as long as it’s not in front of your partner.

Jane Barrett, Director of Marketing and Communications at Zoosk, said, “Healthy relationships can often begin with healthy flirting, and International Flirting Week gives people the perfect chance to potentially meet a new partner.

“We hope our survey results encourage people to take that first step on their romantic journey and see what it might bring.”

Flirtology expert Jean Smith said, “It’s great that Zoosk has chosen to celebrate International Flirting Week, and I hope it will give singles and couples alike the confidence to flirt with that special someone.”