Video games are now more popular than ever before among all genders and age groups. Thanks to the internet and the development of communication technologies the old image of a person sitting in darkness, isolated, has been erased by the rise of online gaming communities and multiplayer games.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Since there are many gamers out there, it’s also more likely that you will run into them in the dating world too. And even though you wouldn’t be a gamer yourself, we suggest you give them a fair chance. Just consider the following points.

Gamers understand the concept of personal space

Nothing is more annoying than a clingy partner. You both need your personal space, especially in the long run. So while your partner is playing you can focus on your own hobbies and friends. An online gamer is also more likely to understand that friendships are formed over common interests and don’t get insanely jealous for no reason.

Playing multiplayer games online helps to develop social skills as well, since you often have to work as a team with people all over the world. Gamers also understand what it means to be passionate about something and don’t judge a person based on that. Then when you do spend time together, you can both be fully present and focused on each other.

Pro gamers are often really smart

Many popular games require good analytical and mathematical skills, and the players that reach a professional level commonly have a higher than average IQ. So we are not only talking about great genes, but persistent people who are great at decision making and team work.

In case you are worried about gamers spending too much time and effort on playing, you should take into consideration the fact that many make a career out of it. Pro poker players reap impressive casino rewards and eSports tournaments can make the winners into millionaires. Partners support each other’s dreams in a loving relationship and yours is just as valid as theirs.

You can go on fun dates

Gamers are often in touch with their inner child, so going to an arcade or an escape room on a date might even be their idea! And if you’re dating a card sharp person you can enjoy Bond-style casino nights together, dressed to impress. Doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

Since we all know passionate gamers devote most of their free time to playing, you know when they make the effort to spend time with you, it’s because they really want to do it. There are even dating apps dedicated to gamers to make sure everyone knows what they’re getting into. And we think you should give it a go - who knows what might come out of it!

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