The founder of one of the UK’s leading dating and matchmaking agencies – Alex Mellor-Brook of Manchester-based Select Personal Introductions – is celebrating a prodigious 20 years of successfully bringing love and long-standing relationships to single professionals across the North West. Below he provides an insight into the seven main reasons that continue to drive their success.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First


Traditional dating and matchmaking agencies, such as Select Personal Introductions, have been around for decades and are the original dating ‘go to’ for singles looking for genuine compatibility. These agencies have stood the test of time and although dating apps and dating sites, at first glance, often appear to be the ‘all new’ rescue service for singles, it has become all too apparent that they can be laced with pitfalls.

Popularised by the likes of dating shows such as ‘Love Island’ and ‘First Dates’, dating apps have fuelled an appetite for fast and furious self-gratification, but often the outcome is to be all about ‘hooking-up’ with the latest arm candy and if that’s all you want then great! But what if you are looking for something more long-term, where do you go?

The big question is… what do you want from your dating experience?


Dating apps are designed for hook-ups, quick, easy and… next?? We hear all too often that serial daters use this forum because they are not looking for commitment. That’s all well and good, but what if you are looking for a genuine relationship? Dating sites are an option, but does everyone tell the truth? Is he really 6 feet tall? Does he really look like his photo, or is this his good looking best mate? Is he married? Does she have …….??? And so it goes on.


In the app-ocalypse of Tinder, Bumble, and beyond, Select Personal Introductions is thriving, offering a more bespoke alternative to make dating less random and more meaningful.

People are turning, in their droves, to introduction agencies with matchmakers on hand to help answer questions and take a genuine interest in people’s future happiness, because they are tired of faceless apps and dating site algorithms that they no longer trust, tiring of no-shows, ghosting, non-commitment and lack of response.

Hiring a personal matchmaker isn’t about having trouble dating on your own; it’s about how valuable your time is to you. How valuable were those hours spent on dates that didn’t look like their photos, or misrepresented their age? How valuable were those months spent getting to know someone who wasn’t ultimately a match, or even interested in a real relationship?


Introduction agencies do all the legwork of recruiting and screening the matches most ideally suited for you. All prospective clients are invited to face-to-face consultations, helping matchmakers define each person’s core relationship goals, then navigating between what you want and what you need.

Singles are showing a preference for, and appreciate the idea of thoughtful conversations with a personal matchmaker before and after their dates, creating a vibrant feedback loop and deeper connections with both the Introduction Agency and, more importantly, with matches. This personal element has become far more appealing by the more discerning singleton than ever before.

Top-end introduction agencies like Select Personal Introductions offer face-to-face consultations with expert matchmakers, checking that everyone selected to become a member is who they say they are and look exactly like their photograph.


Many people, both male and female, have spoken about very disturbing experiences when using apps. From explicit photographs and undesirable comments from other members using the apps, to scammers. These are intelligent people who have nearly fallen foul to very clever, deceptive acts of fraud whilst linking with a sizable parade of masquerading social misfits. Ok, not everybody falls under this umbrella, but it has become increasingly alarming amongst our single social butterflies, and they are looking for change!

The verdict - singletons are fantastically savvy and realise that if other singles are investing in the personal services of an introduction agency then they too must be seriously looking for a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

Enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker in the knowledge that they know their membership base extensively far outweighs the faceless, hit and miss dilemma of dating apps.


Well-established introductions agencies like Select Personal Introductions take steps to prevent professional crossover, thus avoiding unnecessary and somewhat awkward business relations, keeping business and personal life separate.

Using an introduction agency means you don’t run the risk of work colleagues/friends passing around, gossiping, or sharing your profile details for all and sundry to see.


Success rates are low for Tinder users. A study from 2016 for Queen Mary University of London in the U.K. showed low success rates of about 0.6% for men and a match rate of just 10% for women. Thankfully, the reverse is true of traditional matchmaking and dating agencies. Again, it’s all about matching potential partners having similar interests, outlooks, life goals, and much more. In essence, it’s about delivering a deeper, more empathetic and meaningful service by creating genuine and honest connections, something that statistics show online agencies fail in at the first hurdle.

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