Comedy nights are becoming extremely popular, even in the smaller towns across the country so here are just a few reasons why it will do your relationship the power of good.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It breaks the monotony of other date nights- If all you ever do is go to the cinema, go out for a meal or have a take-out and watch a boxset on your date nights- this gives you something new to look forward to and breaks the mould.

It’s a night away from the TV- Sure, you can watch your favourite comedians on the television but it’s never as good as being in audience after a couple of drinks while the comedian is live.  

All relationships need an excuse to laugh- Even if your relationship is based on a mutual love of silliness- there is nothing like the feeling of having a good belly laugh together along with hundreds of others.

It’s fairly cheap- You can go to a comedy night for two for as little as £30, which compared to a meal out or another form of activity- is quite cheap. Plus, they’re usually on once a month so spread out over 30 days- it’s affordable for most…

…but if you’re flush one month- You can make a real event out of it and have a meal first, have a few drinks during and go on a pub crawl afterwards- it’s flexible like that.

You can double date- Comedy nights are perfect for venturing out with your other couply friends who love to laugh too.

It caters for all kinds of humour- If your partner likes more risqué comedians but you prefer observational comedy- you can choose comedy nights that feature a few acts so someone is bound to hit the spot even if you don’t laugh at the same jokes.  

Most comedians tend to say something about relationships- So there’s bound to be an act you can relate to when it comes to the ups and downs of being in love.

It inspires conversation-  About who you liked, who wasn’t your cup of tea, who you might like to see again or watch at home on the box.   

It gives you the opportunity to embarrass your lover- And nominate them for any on-stage antics that might take place.

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