It is National Vichyssoise Day today, so we come up with some very good reasons to start souping with your loved one.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It's cheap- If you are on a tight budget, this is the perfect way to penny pinch. Buy and make it in bulk, freeze your soup and get it out as you need it. Cheap and cheerful meals.

It warms you up- If you are trying to cut down on your heating bills- throw on a sweater, some bed socks and make some soup- you'll soon get toasty on the inside and out.

It fills you full of essential vitamins and minerals- If you have survived on convenience, processed food for the last few months, this will help you both to heal by giving your bodies what they have been craving since you started to indulge.

It helps you to get your five a day- If you want to get healthier together- this will help you to include more veggies in your diet. A healthy couple is a happy one.

It's sustaining- It won't give you huge highs and lows after eating it- it will keep your energy levels steady for other worthwhile pursuits at bedtime.

It's easy to make- If neither of you is a culinary expert- this is one thing you will get right most of the time and it's nutritious, not some highly salted product from a box that's been oven baked.

It gives you something you can do together- If you usually cook separately or alternate every night- this gives you chance to prepare the veggies together. If that's chopping the vegetables or prepping your ingredients for the freezer, keeping track of cooking times or putting your leftovers in Tupperware tubs- there is plenty of team work required as you learn a new skill together.

It's great for entertaining- If you regularly have other couples over for double dating, you can whip up a batch of soup for a starter and not put yourself out too much.

There are so many varieties- If you can never agree on what to have for your evening meal; this is a good way to cater for both your preferences.

It might encourage you to do more- If you become experts at your favourite flavours of soup, you may gain the confidence to tackle a more expert level veggie dish. You never know- cooking could become your new joint hobby.

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