Today is National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day- a day to encourage people to give food and necessary items to their local food banks to help others in need. Here’s why couples might want to consider doing it.

You can get a lot for your money

You can get a lot for your money

You probably have food in the cupboards you’re never going to use- If you have packets of rice, pasta and tins still in date that you’ve not eaten in the last six months- chances are – you won’t. In which case- rather than wait for an item to perish or pushing it further back into the bowels of the cupboard- why not put it to good use and donate it?

With two incomes- you likely have a little extra to spare- If you have two wages coming into your household- chances are, you will be able to spare a couple of pounds to buy some extra things in your weekly shop for someone else’s benefit.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck- Supermarket own brands are very reasonable in price so you could get 3-5 items for around a couple of quid. Giving to others doesn’t have to break the bank.    

It’s easy- Most supermarkets have a trolley set up so you can simply post the food items in there on your way out the store. You don’t even have to travel to the food bank to help out.

Consider how you would feel- As a couple- think about how you would feel if you didn’t have enough food to sit down every night and eat together, if you didn’t have any toiletries or household items. If it fills you with fear- this should be reason enough to stop others getting to this point.

Two heads are better than one- Together you can create a bundle that you know is going to go a long way and is nutritionally beneficial- things like cereals, soup, pasta, rice, beans, tinned fruit and vegetables are all welcome.

It will make you feel good- Giving generally makes people feel like they are doing their bit- and if you’re doing it together- you will feel double the hit of satisfaction.

It takes no time at all- As you are going around the supermarket for your weekly/fortnightly shop- you can pick up an extra box, bottle or packet of whatever you are already buying so it doesn’t require a special trip- you can do it as you go along.  

It helps to feed children- If you are thinking about having kids together or already do- imagine a world where you couldn’t feed your baby. Feeding children is feeding our future so make sure other parents can give their kids what they need to grow up happy and healthy.

If your budget is tight- you don’t have to sacrifice much- Think about what you could realistically give up to help out someone else- a convenience food item, a magazine or a branded item for instance. You CAN live without it if it means someone else has a meal in their tummy.

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