We’re a nation of pet lovers so it comes as no surprise that dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend. Not only are they great company around the home and perfect for encouraging exercise but it’s also believed that dogs can improve your relationship. Check out the top 10 reasons below for why dogs are great for couples:

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Dogs make us nicer people, lifting our spirits when we’re down meaning we’re much more likely to be pleasant when we get home from a busy day in the office.

There’s a reason why offices have started encouraging employees to bring their dogs to work as even stroking a dog can help to reduce our stress levels. Imagine how relaxed you and your partner would be if you had access to canine cuddles 24/7!

Having a dog encourages you to interact socially with other people which makes us happier overall. And when we’re happy our relationships are much more likely to flourish.

They’re great for encouraging you to exercise more. Having a dog means you have no excuse but to brave the outside whatever the weather and enjoy a romantic walk with your significant other.

Having a mutual interest that you both care for will strengthen the bond you have with your partner boosting your commitment together.

Plus, if you’re thinking of having a child one day, dogs are a great way of helping you to realise what your natural roles might be as you work together as a family.

If your partner works away a lot a dog can provide a great companion making your home seem less quiet and giving you something positive to focus on and enjoy rather than obsessively counting down the days until they return.

As the saying goes, three is a crowd, so just as it is when you have lots of friends and family over, having a dog in your home can encourage you to appreciate your alone time together more.

You’ll have a whole host of new places to go that you never considered before. Whether it’s a dog-friendly pub, hotel or a part of your local park you’ve never been to, your eyes will be opened to new options for romantic weekends, dinners and adventures.

There is never a dull moment. Dogs are hilarious and good fun. The uncomplicated nature of a dog’s enjoyment of life helps us to let go and lighten up and it’s no secret that laughter is key to a successful relationship.    

Dogs have the pet-ential to keep couples coupled-up for good! So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog with your partner why not make sure you choose the right companion for you. Eukanuba’s Breed-o-pedia is an online tool that advises on the different breeds available and the lifestyles they are most suited to as well as the nutrition they need so they can stay happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. Breed-o-pedia can help you can choose a dog that is perfect for you.

Kellie Ceccarelli, Eukanuba’s Veterinary Training Manager adds, “Dogs make a great addition to the home but it’s important to ensure that the breed you choose is suited to you. In order for dogs to thrive it’s important that they are looked after in the best way possible. This involves giving them the care they need, exercising them regularly, ensuring they see the vet when needed and providing them with a 100% complete and balanced diet offering high quality chicken or lamb as its principle protein source providing visible benefits with a lifelong impact, from puppy through to senior years.”

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