Today is National Fragrance Day, so we thought we would focus on the times when you don’t smell so sweet in a relationship. However, once you’ve been together a while, you learn to forget and forgive the stink because- well you have bigger things to think about. 

After exercise

After exercise

Morning breath- As a couple you both must forgive the frightfulness that is morning breath. There's nothing that can be done about it so pucker up and have a stinky smooch.

Bed smell- All lovers wake up after a night of sweating in their sheets with a whiff. It's natural, it's normal and it's nasty but never mind- you can't really tell because you both smell the same anyway.

On a weekend- You may like to be rebellious at weekends and shower later in the day, just because you can. There's an unspoken tolerance of extended 'bed smell' at this time.

When one of you has tummy troubles- It happens- it's embarrassing and it causes a foul stench in the bathroom but sometimes it's unavoidable. 'Everybody poos…sometimes... everybody poos.'

After exercise- That delightful combination of sweat and well used gym equipment- gorgeous.

When you're doing DIY- With home improvement comes a lot of lifting, bending, stretching, going up and down the stairs- all of which breaks a sweat. Overlook the odour as it's all for a good cause.

After sex- Sex is a messy, mingling of bodily fluids and lube, there's always that musty smell in the air afterwards, but it's totally worth it every time.

When one of you farts- Whether it catches you off guard or you are competing to find out who can let the most impressive one out- the room smells like you are harbouring a dead animal under your mattress afterwards.

When one of you is ill- When you're bed bound- it's not necessarily your priority to hop in the shower when you can barely lift a hand to drink a glass of water or eat the grapes you've been given. Your partner should be sympathetic as they will likely smell of mucus and cough sweets one day too.

When you're hungover- You wake up with kebab and vodka breath and a faint smell of cigarette smoke and vomit in your hair. You must love one another dearly to deal with this four way combination of crudeness.

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