Today is National Pigs in Blankets Day, so to celebrate we highlight all the times that couples eat to excess- or to phrase it more impolitely- put it away like pigs. 

Any time you get good news

Any time you get good news

In the cinema- The lights are down- you aimlessly throw popcorn at your face and down your entire weeks' worth of sugar in one go- but no-one's counting calories, you're both too busy watching the big screen.

On a Friday night- AKA 'take out night'- you've been good all week so you both deserve a treat and what better way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend than with greasy food from a plastic container?!

On a Sunday afternoon- Otherwise known as 'the big roast'. Neither of you feel that bad, as it's the only day you eat your five allocated portions of vegetables and fruit, you just conveniently forget that they are all covered in fatty butter, salty gravy and sugary mint sauce. Why spoil it?

On your anniversary- If you can't enjoy a slap up meal when you're marking the number of years you've been together- when can you? Just be careful not to eat too many things that'll make you gassy- no-one wants to fart during celebratory sex.

At Christmas- It's a given- you'll receive edible gifts from each other and other people, jointly buy and eats lots of rubbish, but the Christmas calories are all part and parcel of this time of year. What else would you do in January if you weren't wearing off your excesses together?

At Easter- The bunny brings you both gifts of chocolate- it would be rude to say 'no' right?!

When you're hungover- The only thing that cures the mother of all hangovers is a big fry up- every couple can agree on that- your only argument is who's going to make the thing.

When one of you is upset- Sometimes there are no words to say to each other in times of sadness and upset- but there are always chips. This is the one constant in your life together.

When you've been decorating- If you've spent the entire day working on your home together- it's perfectly acceptable to award yourselves with something carby and large. Creating perfection comes with a price- hunger.

When you receive good news- A promotion means a meal out, an unexpected windfall will result in a take away, an especially good day at work…. you get the drift.

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