Today is National Tax Day- but taxes are way too boring to write about- so instead we get really honest about what’s taxing when you're with someone else for the long haul. 

When they want to argue and you don't

When they want to argue and you don't

When they want affection- And you really can't be bothered to give it- you just want space to spread out and look but not touch.

When they really want to do something- And you just don't. They think you should do everything together and you have the exact opposite opinion.

When they want an argument- But you try your best to dodge one at every turn because you don't have the energy or inclination.

When they don't respect your wishes- They know you have a strong opinion against something and yet they go ahead and do it anyway.

When they ignore you while you're in the mood for a textual conversation- Then they want one when you're super busy at work.

When they think everything else is more important than you- Facebook, Twitter, the news, their emails, texting or WhatsApp.

When they catch you off guard with a serious conversation- About the future and where your relationship is going and all you want to do is unplug your brain and enjoy the here and now.

When they jump to conclusions- About what you're thinking- even though all you were contemplating was something very simple. 

When they don't communicate with you- And give you the silent treatment but you know they're mad because everything they handle comes with a loud noise- door slamming is a particular favourite.

When all you want to do is be a little bit selfish- But you have to consider the needs of a whole other person.

When you have to compromise on things- Like what colour to decorate your house, what furniture to buy, how much money to shell out or who to spend your time with.

When you have to consider their opinion- And it's worlds apart from your own and you have no idea how to reach a happy medium.

When they tell you how to do things- Even though they are things you could do with your eyes closed.

When they leave a mess- Right after you've cleaned or just because they're too lazy to locate a wash basket, shoe rack or the dishwasher.

When they're wrong about something- But try to convince you they're right.

When they're drinking and you're not- You draw the short straw and have to drive home- they have a really good night and you- not so much.

When they want to stay- And you want to go. FYI- the driver gets first dibs.

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