Today is National Best Friends Day- a day for celebrating the most meaningful friendship you have in your life- and for some that is your partner. If that is you- here are some things you might recognise. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They make you laugh- And you them. You have your inside jokes and a quirky sense of humour that only you both get. You know what will trigger the other to laugh and often find yourself looking across the room waiting to see their face change or listening to hear the sound of their reaction. It's the best sound in the world.

They encourage you- When you feel like your failing at life, they are there to pick you back up and focus on what you're doing right. They help you in every way they can to reach your goals and their faith in you never falters.

You have common interests- You like to binge on box-sets, see every new movie that comes out in the cinema, watch silly cat videos on You Tube and spend ages in the supermarket picking your shopping for the next two weeks- but guess what? So do they!

You can be yourself- You don't have to hide a side of your personality, pretend when you are with them or be on edge because you fear that you're going to say something wrong. You can be you- warts and all and they are just as relaxed in your company too.

They support you in hard times- When you've had a bad day, lost your job, failed a test, argued with your family or friends- they are there as a shoulder to cry on. They may not have a lot to say but their presence is enough to get you through.

You've become a team- You don't think separately anymore- you think everything through together because stuff affects you both now not just one of you. There is no more 'you' and 'them'- it's all about the 'us'.

You can be truthful with one another- You can tell them what you think and they do the same for you. You realise that there is no sense in keeping secrets or holding back because the truth will always come out eventually.

They nurse you back to health- When you're ill they are there to hold back your hair, give you medication to make you better, tuck you in and bring you food. They will even risk getting your bugs to give you a get well kiss.

They are always there to talk to- About important decisions, future aspirations, how to deal with other people outside of your relationship or even just to discuss your day. No subject is off limits.

You forget and forgive- If you argue or disagree on something, you have learned how to make it as painless as possible and resolve it quickly. You know that getting angry and shouting doesn't help the situation so now you talk it through and come up with a solution that suits you both.

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