The Easter break is finally here so if you plan on spending it with your significant other- here are a few things you might find all too familiar. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Stay up late every night but Easter Monday- Because you have four sleeps before you have to get up early and you want to make the most of late night movies, sex and general rebellion.

Get drunk- You don't have another school night for a while so you crack open the booze as soon as you set foot through the door on Thursday night.

Sleep in- And why not? You probably haven't had a long a period off since Christmas together so you make the most of morning snuggles and maybe a sex session or two.

Make crispy cakes together- Probably one of the few times you cook something together. You get a large box of crispies, shreddies or corn flakes, melt some chocolate and get creative with your Easter egg baskets. That's if you don't burn the chocolate first.

Have an Easter egg hunt- You may be grown-ups now but when Easter rolls around you don't like to 'adult' and hide eggs for each other around the house and garden. Every time you both forget where you've hidden the eggs and you find chocolate surprises all year round.

Decorate your home- You bring out all your remotely Easter themed decorations and fill your home with rabbits, chicks and sheep fluffy toys as well as daffodils to get into the spirit. 

Buy each other a token Easter egg- Because you've only just finished eating the chocolate from Christmas and want to be sensible. Then your extended family also buy you chocolate and your attempts to be good fade into insignificance.

Eat chocolate for breakfast- Other than Christmas and your birthday, this the only time you get to do it so you grab the opportunity with arms wide open.

Eat an enormous Easter Sunday roast- Why not wash down all that chocolate with piles of potatoes and stodgy stuffing?

Declare you'll both go on ANOTHER diet- Your post-Christmas health kick failed miserably so you need to do something before your summer holiday hits or your beach bod will be beach bad.

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