Get in shape- Because you know that you are going to have zero time for exercise when the baby comes- completely overlooking the fact that you never set foot in a gym before.

Go out on an unplanned trip

Go out on an unplanned trip

Sleep- You need to get a huge dose of sleep now before you are no longer permitted such luxuries.

Road trips- The art of being spontaneous will go out of the window once the baby arrives so you see a free weekend and get in the car and just drive.

Go to the cinema- Because you don't have to arrange a baby sitter or run the risk of being interrupted.

Go out for dinner- You know that you will quickly forget what it feels like to go outside for food.

Appreciate the silence- As soon as the baby is born there will be no such thing.

See all your friends- Your social life will be few and far between- so you enjoy it while you can.

Watch adult movies- Not porn- just movies that are not for kids because your life will be filled with Disney songs from birth.

Then you realise that you are going to be boring for a little while and that it's ok. It's not the end of the world if you don't complete your pre-baby bucket list or don't have one in the first place.

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