Today is National Wife Appreciation Day so here we have some top tips for making her feel appreciated for all she does not just today- but every day.

Notice the little things...

Notice the little things...

Notice the little things- You may be in a routine of splitting the jobs equally in the house- perhaps you do the cooking and the gardening while she does the cleaning and the washing. Even if you both do your fair share- make sure you thank her for her bit.

Support her in her passions- Allow her time to pursue her goals so if that means picking up some extra jobs to give her more time- do it- you know she would do the same for you.

Compliment your wife- Once the flirtation and the honeymoon period is over couples may forget to compliment their loved one. So, tell her something positive about her looks or how good a partner she is, so she knows you still find her attractive and value her as your spouse.

Keep a regular date night- If it's been a while since you had a meal together, it might be time to book one in and enjoy good food, drink and conversation. It doesn't have to be expensive just as long as you're sitting opposite one another with no distractions. If your budget is tight- eat at the dining room table instead of having a TV dinner.

Get creative when showing your appreciation- Saying 'thank you' can lose it's meaning- so why not change the way you say it- 'I appreciate it when…', 'I love it when…', 'I am grateful to you for…' or 'what would I do without you?' Or leave them a note, drop them an email or text message.

Be mindful of time and effort- Sometimes she will put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into something and the end result is not what she'd hoped for. It could be a burned meal, forgetting something, or not getting that promotion at work- whatever it is- make it known that you recognize the effort she put into to it all the same.

Let her know how integral she is to your success and life- Remind her that if you get that pay rise at work it was not only your hard work but her understanding when it came to late nights, working weekends, dinners on the table, countless cups of coffee and a listening ear. When you passed that test, that she helped you to revise for it. Yes- the majority of your personal success is down to you- but it's made easier by the support she gives you.

Praise her in company- Always highlight what she does for you to friends and family- never put her down in front of other people. Set a good example to other couples- any issues should always be dealt with in private.

Offer your help when she needs it- If she needs a lift to work because her car is in the garage or for you to pick something up from the shop because she doesn't have the time- do it- be thoughtful and try to help her when and where you can.

Notice the big things- If she puts in the time with your family- tell her how grateful you are that you all get along. If she makes a big effort on a special occasion- make sure you let her know that you appreciate all the planning that went into pulling it off.

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