If you feel like your relationship is teetering over the precipice, here we have four top tips for bringing you back from the cliff face to mark National Edge Day.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Identify the problem

You can't fix something without figuring out first what the issue is. Talk to one another about the glaring problems in your relationship. What do you fight over the most? Have you fallen into a habit that's destroying your partnership? What's driving a wedge between you both? List them and then tell your partner how it makes you feel.

Ask each other how committed are you both to fixing it

Are you both interested and intent on saving your relationship? Saving a pairing on the edge takes hard work and perseverance- are you both willing to put in the time to bring it back? You need to talk about this rather than letting your interactions descend into arguments. Listen to each other and be honest about your concerns.

Come up with a strategy

If you are both in the same frame of mind and want to stay together- then you need a plan. What is it that you feel will save your relationship from a break up? Is it more time together? More time apart? Money? More intimacy? It doesn't necessarily have to be a big thing- small changes can make the world of difference but you both have to be consistent and willing to make them.

Consider your own actions

There are two people in this relationship however you only have control over your own behaviour- so live by what you have agreed and hope that your partner invests the same level of dedication. If they don't, then you may need to revaluate the steps and start smaller.

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