Today is National Water Balloon Day so we take a look at ways in which water can and does benefit your relationship.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Water makes a cup of tea- The humble brew is underestimated for its power in relationships. It encourages you both to sit down together, TV off and talk about your day until you finish it. As it's hot, it takes you longer to consume it, extending this quality time together.

Water allows you to take a bath together- Taking a shower together can be wasteful- a bath uses much less water if you share it. Light some candles put on some music and lie against each other's wet skin. You can talk, or just sit in silence in the warm water together.

Water fills a hot tub- A time for relaxation and luxury- you might only get the chance to do this when you're together in spa or on holiday so it always feels special when you hop in one with a glass of something cold; all you have is each other and a prolonged game of footsie.

Water lets you swim together- If you're doing it to get fit, as part of a spa day, or when you're on your summer holidays, seeing each other with barely anything on increases your attraction to one another. It also boosts those endorphins, making you feel twice as happy in each other's company.

Water allows you to walk by a river, canal or lake- Whether you're lucky enough to have one on your doorstep or you have travelled a little further afield to reach one- this is a great way to get some fresh air and time alone to let your thoughts wander together.

Water makes the ice cubes for summer drinks in the garden- Perfect for spontaneous barbecues or just when you fancy a few hours outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, some good conversation and a cool, refreshing drink with each other.

Water cooks your dinner- It could be your usual week night evening meal or a celebratory supper, but water will cook the pasta for your carbonara, the rice for your curry and provide the steam for your vegetable side dish. It encourages you to sit down opposite one another to enjoy some good food and fruitful chatter. 

Water nurses your partner back to health- When your loved one is sick, water can help to rid their body of toxins, make their medicine go down a little easier and wet a cloth for their brow to bring their temperature down.

Water creates memories- When you go on holiday you might be able to see its large expanse from your window or balcony, just begging you to take a walk along the beach. You get to hold hands, while you feel the shallow waves lapping about your feet and enjoy every minute of being away from it all with nothing but each other.

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