Today is National Walking Day so we thought it was appropriate to focus on what happens when you and your partner set off for the hills.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You talk- With no distractions, the conversation flows easily and you find yourself talking about strange things- then ask each other how you ever got onto such topics in the first place. Your train of thought takes some very odd bends when you’re out and about together in nature.

You ask yourselves why you don’t do this more often- It feels good to get out in the fresh air, to move and to spend some quality time with each other. It seems silly that you spend most of your time indoors when there are so many benefits to walking together.

You start to notice things around you- When you take the same route to work or to your local corner shop- you can become closed off to your surroundings. When you go for a walk somewhere new- there are so many things to see and discuss with one another.

Your bond becomes stronger- You may already be a close couple- but the fact you are doing something together that you both enjoy and benefit from, reminds you of why you are a perfect match.

You fancy each other a little bit more- There’s no denying it- your partner looks sexier when they have a slight flush in their cheeks and their outdoor clothes on. There’s something very attractive about your lover in active wear that gives you butterflies all over again.

You meet other like-minded people- People seem friendlier and happier when you meet them mid-walk. There is an instant bond and an unspoken understanding that you are all part of the same club.

You feel tired when you get home- But not gym exhausted- just pleasantly tired. The good kind- where you feel like you’ve done your exercise for the day but it wasn’t too strenuous. And you have to admit- you actually enjoy this way to get your steps in above any other.

You get a second wind- After the tiredness subsides, you are blessed with a surge of energy which often makes for a great post-walk sex session.

You sleep better- There’s nothing like a day in the outdoors to ensure a good night’s sleep, more so after some passion too- and it’s not often you wake up feeling refreshed the next day but walking and lovemaking has the power to do that.

You vow to do it more often- The overall experience does you the power of good every time and you promise each other that you will do it again to clear away those cobwebs. You look forward to the next time you can pop on your walking boots and set foot out the door. 

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