Urbanspoon: App of the Week

Urbanspoon: App of the Week

App: Urbanspoon

Available On: iOS and Android Devices

Price: Free

What is it?

Urbanspoon is a cool little app that basically gives you all the info you’ll need when choosing where to dine out.

You can choose a location, whether it be somewhere in your local area or somewhere a little more farfetched, and then the app will search for restaurants for you.

It’s great because if you fancy Mexican cuisine then you can filter so that it will only show Mexican restaurants.

It gives you the restaurants info so that you can get in touch and book a table once you’ve had a look at the menu, which the app also provides.

You can scroll through user reviews or get a quick percentage rating of the restaurant so you’ll know if you’re onto a winner!

We Love:

This app is great for seeking out a first date restaurant, or equally if you’re in a long term relationship and fancy trying out somewhere new.

There are so many options for you to choose from to get the perfect recommendation, one being their ‘Talk of the Town’ selection which gives you the most raved about places in your region.

You can choose which cuisine you’re feeling like, which price bracket you’re looking to spend within or even just check out what’s open in your area at a certain time of day.

There is also a ‘Shake’ option, which is kind of a Russian roulette of restaurants. You can have the app choose where, what, and at what price you’ll be eating or you can choose to fix either of the options and then press shake for their recommendation.

This is great because it allows you to discover restaurants that you may not have known about before the app!

By far the best bit of this app is the ratings and reviews. It’s often difficult to work out if a restaurant is good from the menu alone so it’s great to have genuine reviews and a solid rating to look at.

The app itself is really easy to navigate, you pick it up right away and it couldn’t be simpler to use.


There really aren’t any downfalls in this app, it’s a brilliant service.


There aren’t many apps that are 100 per cent brilliant but this app really does blast others out of the water.

It’s got everything you could want from this type of app and the fact that it is free makes it even more miraculous.

You’d be mad not to download it, even if you don’t use it that often, it will find you some little gems on that occasional use.

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