Change up your normal lunch routine!

Change up your normal lunch routine!

Dating sites are evolving all the time to suit the needs of their eager singles, so we talk to Nick Lisher CMO of about the importance of knowing where your next date is likely going to be! have released a list of hotspots around the UK to find your prospective partner!

So if you’d like to share a kiss by a bridge, have your lunch by the canal or take a seat by a fountain, then you could find yourself in luck!

You never know, you could be shopping hand in hand, sharing a bench by the river, embracing each other while overlooking the pier or getting lost on the coast together. 

Top UK hotspots for dating:

London: Tuesday 10pm

'Monday is the night where people are normally still recovering from the weekend and doing some life admin, which means that Tuesday is probably the day that people start planning for their social life for other nights in the week and the weekends.'

Manchester: Saturday 8pm

'I feel that people get so bogged down in their routines and in doing so actually forget that they have an hour of their own time, not their company's, to go out, meet new people and have the opportunity to engage in new experiences. I think that people need to remember that it’s actually healthy to get away from their desk and switch off from work for an hour.'

Birmingham: Wednesday 4pm

Liverpool: Monday 12pm

Sheffield: Monday 12pm

Leeds: Sunday 8pm

Brighton: Sunday 10am

Plymouth: Tuesday 10am

'People will naturally start talking to new people during the week in the hope that they can set up something for the weekend. The weekend is normally the time when people are already out and about or have already arranged to meet new people'

Bristol: Sunday 8pm

Glasgow: Sunday 4pm

Edinburgh: Friday 3pm

Cardiff: Sunday 9am

Newcastle: Tuesday 10pm

'Unless we have had a large cup of coffee, most of us would happily admit that we are pretty brain dead in the morning, we just want to make it to work and start our day. Meeting new people in the morning isn't necessarily top of our mind. If therefore makes sense that when people start to unwind in the afternoon and evening after work, meeting new people is more of a thing we like to think about.'

Bournemouth: Friday 7pm

Brits want to know where and when are their best chances at getting lucky, whether it is on their lunch break or heading into town on a Friday night.

Whilst apps like Twoo have made connecting with new people easier, our heatmaps go one step further by identifying the most popular locations and times. So instead of grabbing the same sandwich from Pret and sitting in the park on your own at lunch, why not use an hour away from your desk to meet someone new?”


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