Today is National Teddy Bear Day so we take a look at what the humble teddy bear can say about your partner. 

How can anyone resist this?

How can anyone resist this?

They have a softer side- Any partner who is not ashamed to still have a toy from when they were little has a sensitive streak to their personality. Most are attracted to a partner with a hard coating and a soft centre.

They are sentimental- They won't go throwing away movie stubs, concert tickets or memorabilia from your time as a couple- they will probably have a box to keep it all in.

They are future orientated- A person who keeps childhood things might be keeping it for a reason and if that reason is to pass them down to their own kids- you know they have plans for family.

He/she appreciates family- To hold onto something for so long that reminds them of their most precious childhood days demonstrates that they value their family time, then and now.

They can't sleep alone- If they can't be without their teddy bear in bed- chances are they won't be able to rest without you either, which makes you feel valued, craved and missed as a partner.

They are never too old for anything- He/she still has a childish side and can be silly when the time calls for it, keeping you both young at heart and fun loving.

They are nostalgic- They will probably feel comfortable talking about their past with you to remember the good times and cherish the memories you have together.

They might get nightmares- A lot of children associate bears with comfort and safety in times of bad dreams, which could be why they were given the bear. Your partner may wake you up mid-way through the night seeking comfort if they can't sleep. But there are always other ways to tire each other out again!

He/she will miss you when you're away- If they can't bear to be without their toy, chances are they will struggle when you're away for work or because you live apart, so they will make the most of when they're in your company.

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