A woman's relationship with her body is a complex one- but there are ten things most women can agree on- the worries they have over certain body parts. We take a look at the most common concerns that cause women to cover up, breathe in and obsess over with LA Fitness.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Muffin top- It has such a delightful name but there is nothing sweet about having to refer to all your now tight trousers and jeans as 'thrush pants'.

Love handles- Again a cutesy name for something that ruins your love life. The irony.

'Fancy grabbing onto my love handles tonight babe?'

'Think I would rather go swinging off the living room door love.'

Bingo wings- As if keeping the underarm hair in check isn't enough of a hassle, we have to worry about the 'Humerus hang'. But it's cool, if you don't play bingo no-one will notice.

Cellulite- Ah the 'just grated' look that looks fab on an orange or a lime but not necessity your ass.

Greying hair- My hairdresser calls them 'glittery bits' to make me feel better- but if I wanted sparkle in my locks I would take a time machine back to a disco in the 90s.

Too hairy- Do you remove it or DGAF about what others think and make feature out of it with some dye or a plait or something?

Wrinkly face- When you start and apply moisturiser with a trowel, you now things are rapidly going downhill.

Saggy bum- If it's between this or the boobs- saggy bum every time! Sacrifices must be made.

Bad skin- Worrying about the other nine things on this list has to manifest itself inside you somehow- but instead of needing therapy- you just need a good dose of spot cream.

Varicose veins- A little part of you wants to pull one out and yank at it like a piece of stray spaghetti in a bolognaise sauce…. but that would be bad.