It can be easy to let go of your inhibitions at a festival when the music and alcohol flows, however if you're single you'll need to be more aware of your own personal safety with no partner or significant other to keep an eye on you.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

As the summer musical festival season has now started, Pryers Solicitors have looked at some of the dangers you can face at festivals.

Festivals can be fun for all, however with your guard down and a bit of alcohol added, there is potential for them to be dangerous. If you're single or there on your own, remember to keep an eye out for:

  1. Drinks being spiked - Always watch your drink and don't accept a drink from a stranger or leave a drink unattended. If you start to feel unsteady on your feet go to an Official for help.
  2. Alcohol poisoning - Watch how much you drink. If you drink more, mix your drinks or decide that a festival is the perfect time to try that new spirit, you could get seriously ill. No one wants a trip to the hospital to have their stomach pumped instead of listening to their favourite band.
  3. Don't take drugs - It might feel like the right place to try something new, however there is no way to guarantee that the drugs you buy will be safe. Just say no.
  4. Unprotected sex - What happens at a festival stays at a festival, unless you catch an STI!
  5. Sexual assaults - People tend to be complacent at festivals especially if they have been drinking. Keep safe and try to avoid isolated areas.
  6. Crushed in crowds - Crowd surges can be dangerous and can lead to injuries. Look after yourself by keeping to the edge of crowds so you can get out of the way quickly if people push forward.
  7. Theft - Tents are not the most secure places, so make sure you keep any expensive personal belongings on you such as mobile phones and money, and leave unnecessary items at home. Look at a festival as a perfect time to let go and make a mess, a messy tent is off putting to a thief - they don't want to have to tidy away your personal belongings before running away with them!
  8. Crowd surfing - Crowd surfing might seem a good idea at the time, however it can be dangerous. Not only could you get injured, but you are also at risk of someone stealing your personal belongings and, in worst cases, assault.
  9. Keep your phone charged -Before heading to the festival, treat yourself to a mobile power pack to take with you. After all you are better safe than sorry, the last thing you want to do is find yourself in a tricky situation with no way to call for help.
  10. Risky business - If you see anyone acting suspicious or taking part in risky behaviour that not only endangers themselves but others, tell campsite staff.

Jenny Barton, from Pryers Solicitors who compiled the safety list said:

"We're officially heading into Festival season, when everyone wants to take a well-deserved break and bask in the sun (hopefully!) while listening to their favourite bands. However, even when relaxing, it's always important to be aware of your own personal safety. Being at a festival alone means you are more likely to try and make friends and sometimes this can lead to you trusting the wrong people.

Jenny added:

"Add in a copious amount of alcohol and suddenly you can feel invincible and so more likely to take risks. It might seem fun to have a festival fling, but there can be serious unwanted consequences. Along with not having much awareness of your alcohol or drug consumption can put both men and women at risk of serious assault or injury. We would suggest sensible consumption of alcohol, being aware of your surroundings and be vigilant at all times. After all you do want to be able to remember the festival you paid £100s for."

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