Spanish men can dance!

Spanish men can dance! have revealed the what the most datable qualities are in men from the countries featuring in Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest.


  • Eurovision entry: Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the rain
  • Most date-able for: Dancing


  • Eurovision entry: Molly Smitten-Downes – Children of the universe
  • Most date-able for: Humour, Manners, Chivalry, Kindness, Intelligence


  • Eurovision entry: Twin Twin  – Moustache
  • Most date-able for: Romance



  • Eurovision entry: Emma – La Mia Citta
  • Most date-able for: Dress sense, Cooking, In the bedroom



  • Eurovision entry: Elaiza – Is it right
  • Most date-able for: Financial stability


  • Eurovision entry: Sanna Neilsen – Undo
  • Most date-able for: Health-consciousness


Kate Taylor, relationship expert for, comments: “With so many fine qualities in every nationality, deciding what you really want from a date can be tricky. I suggest daters narrow their must-have requirements down to three qualities. If a date meets these then see them again but if they don't, give them nul points and move on. Thankfully, there are more ways than ever before to meet singles - from online dating, to nights and socials where you can meet others in a bar or through shared interests. So keep optimistic, keep meeting new people, and you’ll soon find the right person to date.”

James Preece, dating expert for, says: “Knowing the traits that are appealing to potential dates can give you some great insider knowledge if you want to impress. Subtle touches such as holding a door open or injecting a little sense of humour are simple ways to show that you are a considerate date. Bolder statements which push you out of your comfort zone such as cooking for your date, dancing or trying something new can help to show off your adventurous side, making the dating journey all the more enjoyable. Just remember, like Eurovision, you don’t have to be amazing at the things you try: it’s the willingness to take part that makes you attractive.”


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