What are your kissing bugbears?

What are your kissing bugbears?

Ash.org and DatingPriceGuide.co.uk have found that Brits have specific turn offs and turn ons when it comes to lip locking, so we investigate!  Firstly, there are certain things that one would not expect of a first kiss, yet some people still rock on up to a date with one of the following:

Ashtray Mouth

One female commented – “I remember feeling physically sick after kissing a guy who tasted like cigarettes. I don’t think he was too pleased, but smokers have been a definite no go for me ever since”

Body Odour

Sloppy Technique

Bad Teeth

Cold Sores

Another lady added – “I remember kissing a guy and afterwards he broke out into applause… weird and definitely a turn off”

So if you want to turn him or her on while you are sucking face then here is want to do:

Smell Nice

Bite your lip

Keep your eyes open

Hold their hand

Hold their head 

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