It comes as no surprise that 78% of the housework is still taken on by women, according to  despite the age of equality. It would seem that any jobs around the house are still primarily seen as ‘women’s work’.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The sad truth is that women, on average, only get a mere 17 minutes of ‘me time’ each day, so their own hobbies and interests have been chipped into for the sake of cleaning the toilet or cooking an evening meal.

It isn’t shocking therefore, that 70% of women feel that this split of responsibility is ‘unfair’. Many women also commented on the fact that they are resentful of their partner’s ability to switch off when they get home and their enviable amount of ‘me time’ they seem to gather in the week.

When the rare occasion presents itself; women like to kick back into their bedrooms as they find this to be the best sanctuary in the house.

Another means of letting off steam for women is to sit down and catch up on their favourite programmes without being disturbed (55%).

Activities like reading a book, a cup of tea or swiping through Facebook or ordering something online are all devices women use to chill out at the end of a working day.

Despite all of these distractions, many women admit to not being able to forget about the other jobs that are waiting, so it may be quiet in their surroundings but their heads are still buzzing with noise.


1.            Read a book

2.            Cup of tea

3.            Watch soaps

4.            Have a doze

5.            Browse Facebook/Twitter

6.            Online shopping

7.            Candlelit bath

8.            Watch TV relaxing in bed

9.            Watch a film

10.          Clean the house/clear out cupboards/ move furniture

11.          Drink wine

12.          Eat chocolate

13.          Go for a walk/run

14.          Go shopping

15.          Write a list

16.          Listen to music or the radio in peace

17.          Go out with friends

18.          Read the paper / newspapers

19.          Play computer games/apps

20.          Paint nails



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