What would you tell?

What would you tell?

Keeping secrets can be make or break in a relationship, if the reveal is something about one another; however we all love a good gossip about other people when we get home of a night! Men are surprisingly worse at keeping things close to their chest than women, despite popular misconception!  


A study conducted by The Fifth Estate found that men can only keep a secret to themselves for 2 hours and 47 minutes, 40 minutes less than a woman, so we find out what things they are unable to keep under their hat!


Top ten secrets to blab about with your partner


A friend is having an affair- ‘you can’t say anything but…..’ we have all said it and somehow, even though a marriage, long term relationship or parents lives might potentially be falling apart, we still feel the need to talk about it like we have just won the lottery!


Someone was lying about something- The scandal! We love to reveal something bad that someone has done, it makes us feel better about ourselves!


My boss/colleague is having an office romance- Who will find out? Will their jobs be affected? Have they done it on the conference table? So many questions!

Someone I know is pregnant- You just want to tell people that someone is going to be fatter than you and there is nothing they can do about it!

Someone has been in trouble with the police- Everyone has a past and it's great if you can make your indiscretions fade into insignificance when someone has done something much worse than you!

Someone was lying about their job or salary- If they have lied about this, what else do they lie about?! They are untrustworthy and you must find out why!

I know someone who has had/is having plastic surgery- You go from it being risky and worrying about them to being critical of their partner for not making them feel comfortable in their own skin. It must be something they said!


A friend has had a windfall- You are insanely jealous but find yourself saying that ‘they deserve it’ and that you are ‘really happy for them’, when in fact you resent the hell out of them because it didn’t happen to you!

A friend/colleague is in financial trouble- It again makes you count your blessings- that you are not in the same position as them. Even if they have been really careful with their money and simply had a run of bad luck you always manage to find something that they bought that perhaps they shouldn’t! ‘Remember that magazine they got in the newsagents that time- I bet they are regretting that now!’

A friend/colleague is having trouble in the bedroom department- We all have trouble from time to time, but we conveniently seem to forget this when someone has a particularly awkward moment- unprotected sex, a strange noise, or calling them the wrong name during- there is nothing more satisfying than hearing tales of sex gone wrong!



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