Household jobs are a running cause for arguments in all relationships. When you ask your lazy lover to help out however, they do it with minimal amounts of effort and you end up having to do it again.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They fully aware of this. They know that if they do it shoddily that you will take the job back off them. So, we take a look at some of the corners they cut in order to get out of doing things again.

Dusting round objects instead of lifting them- Skirting around the issue- just like in all of your arguments!

Wiping crumbs on the floor instead of the bin-So the kitchen looks like a barn. You’ve tried banning toast and hiding the bread but they manage to create crumbs form pretty much ANYTHING.

Not washing food off dishes properly- Those who are not blessed with a dishwasher have to endure the state of plate washed by their lazy partner- which essentially looks like it's been licked by kittens.

Pushing rubbish further into the bin instead of emptying it- You have your own compressor in our house- they could give some of the machines at the tip a run for their money.

Just rinsing the shower/bath instead of scrubbing it- There’s nothing like a bath with hairy bubbles now is there?!

Leaving smears on windows or mirrors- You wonder why you ever invested curtains- their way of cleaning the windows keeps out far more light.

Putting coloured clothes in with whites-You ask them to do the washing and they lump it all in together. Now your favourite whites are fifty shades of grey- and not in a good way.

Squirting bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it- They offer it to the toilet like they are filling a water bowl for a pet. Toilet brush? What toilet brush?

Not putting recycling in the recycle bin- Whichever bin is the nearest is the one that gets the rubbish- that is your partner’s mentality. You can only hope that it doesn't extend to your love life or you seriously have to rethink your relationship.

Picking bits off the floor instead of hoovering- The tell-tale sign of this is when you pull forward the couch and find a months' worth of socks, sweetie wrappers and nail clippings that were not in their line of sight.

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