Living with your significant other is a big step in any relationship and one that comes with its own set things to celebrate and things that can cause anxiety.

Keep the romance alive

Keep the romance alive

Whether you already live with your partner or are considering making the move (in), these 8 tips will help you to make the most of this happy time and avoid any potential arguments.

Share the admin

Moving in together has more admin than you might expect. You'll need to put some bills into both names, and add them onto some of your accounts (some companies won't speak to a person unless they are named onto the account. Make sure you share the admin to avoid any

Learn to let go of the small stuff

It's normal for things to get on your nerves when you are living with someone but try to be conscious of what you are focusing on. Before you react, as yourself if it is worth getting upset about or having an argument for.

Keep the romance alive

Nothing kills passion quicker than routine. When you move in together, make sure that you both make effort to keep the romance alive. Plan date nights, surprise each other or leave little gifts for your partner. It's the little things that add up so don't worry about things always having to be big gestures. Making each other feel loved will help keep things exciting.

Find your rhythm

Living together requires you to know your partner in an even deeper way than ever before. Learning to understand each others rhythm and way of doing things will help you to deepen your connection and avoid potential arguments. One of you may like to come home and relax in a hot bath whilst the other might want to sit in silence. The same goes for romantic gestures, one of you might value big gestures while the other appreciates the small things.

Silence is golden

Learning to enjoy silence is a very powerful step towards a peaceful home. Just because you aren't talking doesn't mean there is a problem. Give each other the space to be silent if desired.

Deal with unexpected costs

With the best planning in the world, there will be times when unexpected bills come in. Keeping a contingency fund for sudden expenses is a great way to take the pressure off. Another way to relieve temporary financial stress along with proper money management is a short term loan (

Talk openly about money issues rather than let them build up, plan properly and get help when you need it.

Get a cleaner

Simple things like getting a cleaner can help relieve stress and avoid potential arguments by keeping your living space in good condition and taking responsibilities off each others plate, freeing up more spare time for relaxing or romance.

Make time for yourself

It's important to make sure that you keep making time for your own self care and relaxation, especially when you live with your partner. A few minutes of quiet time can do wonders after a long day and an evening to yourself while they are out with friends can recharge your emotional batteries.

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