When you first get together with someone, you get butterflies almost all the time- but there are some that tickle more than others. 

When he kisses you

When he kisses you

When he texts you- Every time your phones goes off you secretly wish it's him. You love your family and friends dearly, but in those initial stages, you feel a pinch of disappointment when you don't see your lover's name appear on your screen.

When he calls you- You take a breath before you answer and put on your sexiest voice for him and hope you can think of only interesting things to say.

When he emails you at work- If your day is mundane or stressful- seeing his name in your inbox makes all that go away for just a moment.

When he's coming over- You look at yourself in the mirror too many times to mention. When you hear the knock on the door or the bell ringing- you check your breath and underarms one last time before answering with a confidence that says 'I always look and smell like this!'

When he looks and smiles at you at the same time- The butterflies somehow turn into an all over body shiver- they are moving around so actively in there. He doesn't have to say a word- you know what he is thinking right at that point and it makes you feel yearned for.

When he holds your hand- The tingles start in your fingertips and work their way up your arm and into your stomach where they disappear under the skin and start to flutter in your tummy. You hope that he never lets go of your hand while you're outside together, maybe you'll have the courage to initiate the next one.

When he kisses you- The butterflies are very active at this point so you try not to think too much about what you're doing so you don't mess it up and just surrender to the moment.

When he holds you in bed- You feel safe and secure in his arms and you know that he has your back in every sense. He always seems to know when you most need to be held.

When he tells you he loves you- You feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like the butterflies have generated lots of heat from their exertions. He's in the same place as you and it's a wonderful moment.

When you have sex- At the point of orgasm the butterflies have flapped themselves to exhaustion- just like you. 

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