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Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Today is National Mincemeat Day so we celebrate all the mince pie lovers out there and their partners too! 

Your partner has one brand they like- And won't settle for anything else- no supermarket own, no homemade efforts- it has to be the one they always get or Christmas is RUINED.

They eat them like sweets- You do worry they might turn into one when the Christmas period is over because they pop them like candy.

They have a special festive plate for them- And pile them high ready for consumption.

They always buy them long before Christmas- Supermarkets prey on the weak mincemeat addicts- they release the pies early so that people like your partner will start early.

They will eat them in any which way- Plain, with ice cream, custard or whipped cream. They're not fussy, as long as the pie is at the centre of all that creamy, fattiness- they are happy.

They never get fed up of them- Even though they've eaten their weight in mince pies by the time Santa arrives- they still want more. It's a form of Christmas crack they can't kick the desire for in the New Year when the little blighters are reduced.

They love the fact that you don't like them- Because- well- more for them.

If you suggest leaving one out for Santa- You will be cast out into the snow and have all your presents taken off you. Santa can literally have ANY other snack- not your lover's mince pies.  

You worry that you will have to send them to MPA (Mince Pies Anonymous) in the New Year- To wean them back onto savouries.

Their breath has a distinct aroma at this time of year- One of spices and dried fruit. You know exactly how Mrs Claus must feel when she has to give her husband a welcome home kiss on Boxing Day.

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