If you’re in love with a nurse, the expectation is- when you’re ill they will treat you with as much care and respect as their patients. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth… 

They won't abide germs!

They won't abide germs!

They're obsessed with hand sanitizer- Because they have to use it so much- they often have one in their bag or pocket for times when you need to rid yourself of germs- like when you've just visited a manky bathroom.

They're your own personal medical hotline- If you're poo's a funny colour, you have a strange pain somewhere on your body or you don't feel quite right- they are the first person you go to for a diagnosis.

They're not very sympathetic when you're sick- They often use up all their sympathy units at work so if you're ill too- they will look after you- but their bedside manner is something to be desired.

They work odd hours- Sometimes you are like ships that pass in the night- but you know that other people need them just as much as you do. 

They are very germ conscious- Your home may be messy but it's certainly hygienic. They won't tolerate bugs.

They're not at their best when they walk through the door- You know not to embrace them until they have ditched their uniform- because who knows what's on it. They like to feel refreshed before they begin their evening with you.

They're ok with gross things- Things that other people will turn their noses up at are all in a day's work for them- so you're no longer embarrassed to ask them about a physical problem.

They're unshockable- They've pretty much seen it all- so when you show them an article on the strange things people have put up their bums- their reaction is somewhat unimpressive.

Your friends and family also ask them for advice- Your partner has spent many an hour talking to your loved ones or mates about an ailment and what to do to fix it. You even nominate their services as medical confidant- which they're not always happy about.

They care about your health- If they give you advice- it's not because they enjoy making your life difficult- it's because they know something you're doing is having a negative impact on your body and they want you to live a long and healthy life.

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