You like to squirrel money away- You have somewhere in the house that has your stash your loose change- a pot, box, or piggy bank and nothing brings you more joy than the day you get to open it and count it all.

You save the pennies!

You save the pennies!

You put a big chunk of your wages into savings each month- You love checking your online baking and seeing those numbers rise in your joint savings- it gives you a kick to know that if the worst happened you both have something to fall back on.

You have a 'cushion' in your accounts- You don't go down to the last few pounds each month- you have a buffer just in case one of you loses your job or you have an unexpected expense- such as fixing your car.

You budget for everything- If the budget doesn't allow- you both look for cheaper alternatives or you've learned to be patient and wait until the money is there.

Supermarket shopping is a military operation- One of you is in charge of monitoring your shopping as you go around the supermarket to ensure you don't go over and if you do you have to put something back.

You save for larger purchases- If you need something for your home- you make sure you have enough in the pot to pay for it first. If you don't- you wait until you do or ask 'do we really need it?'

You avoid debt at all costs- Your credit card is for emergencies only, you don't entertain getting credit with anyone and it upsets you to be in debt to the bank for your mortgage but there's not a lot you can do about that one.

You save for Christmas- You top up a Christmas gift card every month in order to pay for everything at the most expensive time of year because there's no way you're going into an overdraft for the sake of the holidays.

You think twice before buying anything- You never buy something spontaneously- you always talk about it first and think with your head rather than focusing on 'wants'.

Your holidays are understated- You believe in moments over money and enjoy a cheap and cheerful week in a tent for your main holiday so you're not spending a fortune on flights and meals out.

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