Today is National Worship of Tools Day so to celebrate we have written a list of things you might find annoyingly familiar if your man loves to do DIY. 

His tool collection is impressive

His tool collection is impressive

Gifts are easy- Buy him tools for his birthday or Christmas and he'll be happy as Larry. Or even just a voucher so he can wander up and down the aisles and drool over drill bits.

You never know what you'll come home to- He can do anything from changing a light fitting to knocking a wall down- it's all about the element of surprise in your house.

He likes a project- He gets restless if he hasn't dismantled/changed something in your house for a while- it's at this point you must discuss what's next on the agenda.

If you go away for a girly weekend- Don't expect your home to be as it was when you left. Once you're out of the way his opinion is the only one that counts.

It made you cry at first- In the first few months of living together you spent most of them in tears because your home looked like a demolition site. Now you know to hide your most precious things, blow the dust off your everyday belongings and think to yourself- 'it won't always be like this'.

His plans are always ambitious- If it were up to you- you would slap some paint on it and make it look pretty, but he always has very different ideas. His involve moving walls, lifting floorboards and knocking down archways.

The words 'fitted wardrobes' mean nothing- They're a challenge not something you decorate around.

You both have DIY clothes- You learned very early that when he wants help- your clothes will get ripped, covered in paint and stained so you must have special attire in reserve for this when he says 'so this is the plan'.

When the project is complete- You realise that all the effort and tears were worth it and he was right after all.

You hope and pray that you'll have a gap- When one room is out of the way, you keep your fingers crossed that you can live in some kind or normality for a few months before he gets bored and moves onto the next one.

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