A recent study found that two thirds of men and a third of women have been body shamed by their partner. We take a look at just four of these and examine why it's not conducive for a happy relationship to criticise your partner over such things.

Gaining weight

Gaining weight

Lack of muscle definition- Muscle definition takes time and dedication- as long as they are happy and healthy- what more do you need? If they were to go for more sessions in the gym- it's just more time away from you- what would you prefer? A partner who's around or one who's never there but looks good in pictures and the fleeting moments you're together?

Being 'fat'/gaining weight- How would you like it if your partner said you were fat? You'd probably not speak to them for a while would you?

Being overweight is often about overeating and a lack of exercise- yes- but have you considered what might have driven them to eat so much and lack the motivation to move their bodies more?

Be considerate and supportive- there might be something going on you haven't even thought about. If they need to lose weight- exercise with them, cook healthy meals together and tell them how much you love them for them, which should have nothing to do with weight. If they are feeling low about their body image- and you add to these worries it will only make them feel worse- not better.

Being too skinny- Some people are just naturally skinny, it's not their fault, it's just the way they're built. If they're not eating enough, then it may be cause for concern, but if they have a hearty, healthy appetite and stay thin whatever they eat, then don't pass comment.

You're probably only saying it because you're jealous anyway. Plus, if they want to gain weight and find it hard to- you are only reinforcing this insecurity. Shaming a skinny person can be just as detrimental as shaming a person who's overweight. 

Having acne- Acne is caused by so many things- the wrong products, food, hormones and stress to name a few- it's important to be sympathetic and help your partner to find the cause. Then help them to look for ways to combat this issue while assuring them you still find them attractive.

Commenting on the results of the study, George Charles of www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, said:

"People often forget that body shaming can take many forms and a passing comment on your weight or appearance can really affect the confidence you have in yourself."

He continued:

"It's easy to shrug off a mean comment from a partner but if someone is making you feel terrible in your own skin or is making you cry regularly then you need to consider ending that relationship. If a relationship doesn't make you feel good then you shouldn't be in it. 'Perfect' images of women and men are often completely unachievable naturally, with the use of Photoshop and surgery helping with this fake imagery."

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