He will probably try and turn you into a gym bunny too- You feel you have no choice but to join him in the gym just to see him or you might as well be single.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

He might monitor your food intake- And always serve out dinner because your portions are too big. You come from a line of big eaters- this is normal to you- but not to him.

He may think of active couply things to do- Forget the cinema or a meal out- no- you must walk, run or cycle somewhere or the day is wasted. What fun.

He will likely tell you how many calories are in things- So your monthly period binge makes you feel even worse not better. There is about 60 calories in each chocolate in a selection box don't you know? Well you do now.

He might tell you your life is all wrong- And criticise your way of living before you met him. Yes you had McDonalds twice a week- so?!

He may compare you to his friend's girlfriends- And tell you in which ways their bodies are better/smaller than yours. Cheers darling- let's compare your penis size to his why don't we?!

He may say your family is just as irresponsible- For starting you off on these bad habits. Ironically- his family are all fitness freaks with no tact too- who would have thought?

He will make you think your entire worth is in your body and fitness levels- If you are a good person it means sweet F-A.

He won't blow off competitions for you- If it lands on a day that's important- I don't know-say your birthday or anniversary- he will still go to the event because showing off his moves to spectators is more important than you. It's one effing day!

He will probably check himself out during sex- If there is a mirror in the room you can guarantee he will be flexing his biceps as he holds onto your thighs.

He will try to order for you at a restaurant- To make sure you don't slip anything in at the end that's carby and delicious. You get so tired of salad that sitting in the garden eating grass with your rabbit is much more appealing than his gym centred conversation.

He likely won't pay for you- Because he has spent all his money on the latest sports watch or protein shake.

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