As it's National Wildlife Day, we thought we would come up with a few things to expect if you start dating someone who finds wildlife wondrous.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Their enthusiasm can be time consuming- If they're waiting to capture an image or sight of a bird they've never seen before- they will stay there all day if needs be, so don't make plans for the evening after a day out at a sanctuary, reserve or park.

They are patient people- Given the time that they have to wait to catch a glimpse of a rare animal or the perfect snap, they have the patience of a saint which will likely extend into their romantic life too.

They have a natural love of the outdoors- They are like a caged animal when they're in the house for longer than they want to be. They may pace, get snappy and even leave without you if you dawdle. You will see an immediate change in them when they set foot out the door.

They're not put off by bad weather- Rain will not stop them from going out and seeing all the wildlife there is to offer. So you'd better buy some good boots and a decent raincoat if you want to spend time with them.

They'll probably base their holidays near somewhere with an abundance of wildlife- Rather than the usual things that draw in the holidaymakers- they will always opt for places will less people and more wildlife. If nothing else you will get to see a lot of Britain if you date a wildlife wanderer.

They like to keep a record of the things they've seen- They may not be the best photographer in the world but they take pride in their collection of pictures of birds, animals and flowers they've had the privilege to be near. It's important to show an interest in this because it means so much to them.

They are probably social creatures- Having an interest in wildlife can take you to places where other like-minded people also frequent and they enjoy striking up conversations and sharing sightings with one another. It's like one big family- that you're welcome to join.

They may volunteer for a local wildlife cause- They love being in the outdoors so much that you'll often find them giving up their spare time to help out at a local nature reserve or animal sanctuary, so they are typically have a generous personality.

When they meet up with fellow enthusiasts- They'll speak their own language as they exchange the fancy names for flowers and the different breeds of wild animals they've come across on their travels. It might be worth swatting up on a few so you can go with the flow.

They like to do their research- They likely have a few books back at home to identify new species so they know what to seek out next, so they will have some great ideas for days out.

Happy National Wildlife Day to all the enthusiasts and their partners! 

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