www.Lottoland.co.uk has just found out that one in six people would leave their partner if they were to win the lottery. So we thought we would put a positive spin on things for the rest of the couples who would stay together if you suddenly found yourselves a little richer to celebrate National Be A Millionaire Day.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You could see that your joint family is financially stable- You could pay off their mortages, bills and debts and ensure that your family unit never has to worry about money again.

You could both leave work- You plot about how you would do it- wait until a really bad day and tell them to stick it or do it right away- why waste any more time working? Or play it cool and when someone gives you a hard time- just say 'hey I don't have to be here- I'm here just so I don't get bored.'

You could buy a new house- You fantasize about extending your existing property or think- 'sod it' and build one of your own that meets all of your specifications- like an Olympic sized swimming pool and a games room with air hockey. Why not?

You could eat out every night- Gone are the days of slaving over the stove and living from the oven- you could have a culinary experience every day of the week.

You could buy new cars- No longer will you have to drive around wondering when your good luck is going to run out and when you'll need the AA man. Or you could have a chauffeur.

You could pay off your debts- That student loan- gone, credit cards- zero balance, mortgage- what mortgage? The words 'debt free' suddenly have a strange aphrodisiac quality.

You could go on holiday- Forget having to save up for one- you could just go to the airport tomorrow and pick somewhere. You no longer have to just watch people do it in movies.

You could go shopping- Everything that you told yourselves you couldn't afford and would have to wait until Christmas or Birthdays for- you could just go out and buy now, without making mental calculations of whether you will go into your overdraft or not.

You could start a business- Whatever your dream job is- if there are no vacancies you could create a job and finally be happy in your work- and get paid well to do it.

You could invest in your future- Set up a trust fund for your kids and make sure you don't have to worry in your retirement.

You could support your favourite charities- You could each pick worthy causes and give them a hefty donation to carry on their good work.

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