Today is National Lunch Hero Day- so we take a look at some of the things you can pop in your partner's lunch box to let them know that you love them. Here is some inspiration for next week.

What little things can you do to let them know you love them?

What little things can you do to let them know you love them?

Heart shaped candy- Love hearts or a chocolate foil wrapped heart are not only a yummy treat, but let them know that you are thinking about them even when you are apart.

Heart shaped sandwiches- Invest in a heart shaped cutter- ideal for romantic breakfasts in bed- but also for butties. Whatever your filling make sure that the outsides say- 'be mine'.

Flower- Flowers always hit the spot, pick one from the garden or buy a single rose on your way home from work the night before and pop it in their lunch box. If they are having a bad day this will make them smile.

A Poem- It can be silly or serious, depending on their usual preference, but it gives them something really special to read while eating their lunch. It doesn't have to be long- just from the heart. Something like this;

Roses are read, violets are blue, here is your lunch, wish I was eating it with you!

A voucher- Usually reserved for special occasions- but we all need a reason to break these out more. A promise of a kiss, a home cooked meal, a date night out or a night in- whatever you feel like doing after work- give them a hint to get them through the day.

A Photo- If you have taken a really good pic on your phone, print it out and put it with their dinner- a reminder of a really good holiday you shared, a night out or just messing around at home- it will perk them up for the afternoon.

A wallet shaped card- You can find these in card shops for as little as £1.50 and usually have a verse written on them so you don't have to make one up if you are not the best wordsmith. They can pop it in their purse or wallet afterwards and carry it around with them as a little reminder that they are loved.

A clue- If you are into playing games- a clue as to what you are doing after work is a great way to keep them guessing all day. You may have some more clues at home waiting for them or if you can't wait- surprise them as soon as they set foot through the door.

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