Today is National Common Courtesy Day so we have a few suggestions as to how you can be courteous to your partner. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Say 'thanks'- Whatever they do for you- make sure you say 'thank you' or they may not do things for you anymore or resent you for feeling like they have to. You should expect the same in return.

Be polite to their parents and friends- Even if you don't agree with the things they say, be civil. If you create a divide between them and their family or mates it's far worse than calling them out because they don't vote the same way as you do or have a different religious viewpoint. They should do the same when in the company of yours.

Respect their viewpoint- You may not always think the same but accept that they're allowed their own opinions and they don't always have to gel with yours. On the big stuff- like marriage and kids- you should be on the same page- but if you differ in what the best movie of all time is or what take out is better- find a way to negotiate.

Be considerate when they are going through a hard time- You will have them too and you will expect your loved on to listen, sympathise and go above and beyond to make things more comfortable at home. Extend them the same courtesy.

Be thoughtful- This doesn't have to cost the earth- making them a cup of tea, dropping them a text or email to let them know you love them or picking them up a little something you know they will love up from the shops on the way home-it goes a long way.

Be attentive- When they're ill, had a bad day or received some awful news, make sure to let them know you are there for them whenever they need you to be. Don't begrudge them of the time it takes as they would do the same for you if the roles were reversed.

Be soft spoken in times of friction- If you get into a disagreement, shouting and screaming at your partner is going to get you nowhere. Try bringing it down a notch or two and talking through your problems without raising your voice. You will be amazed at how much further you'll get.

Use your manners when you're around or with others- If you're a bit more laid back at home when it comes to speaking as you find something or someone and natural bodily functions, so be it. But there's nothing worse than being out and about with someone who gives the impression they've been brought up in a barn.

Avoid swearing- In private you may like to swear until your heart's content, but not everyone likes a sentence full of expletives. You might be able to get away with this around his mates, but think before cursing around his parents, grandparents and work colleagues.

Behave when the occasion calls for it- All couples know how to have fun together, but there comes a time and place where the hilarity has to end and you need to act like adults. Know where to draw the line. You might be ok to get rolling drunk when you're on holiday but at your partner's staff do- not so much. Think how your behaviour might affect your partner in more serious situations. How would you want them to behave if the shoe was on the other foot?

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