If you earn a low wage- you have to be creative when it comes to things to do with your partner. Here we have some suggestions that cost nothing or very little.

You have to think outside the box when you don't earn a lot

You have to think outside the box when you don't earn a lot

Go for a walk- It's free and it's the perfect time of year to wrap up warm, take your partner's hand and wander off into the distance. All you have is each other and time to talk while getting those endorphins soaring through your bodies.

Have sex- Also free and a great form of exercise if the weather is too harsh outside for walking. Why not throw on the fire and have sex in the living room on the hearth rug?

Cook something together- If you buy supermarket own brand ingredients you can pick up a lot of products at a very low cost. If you're lucky- you might already have what you need in the house. Pick your recipe, get the things you need and try something new- if it's a success you can eat it afterwards. If not, then you will have had some fun making it.

Play a board game- Board games are underrated- it seems like a lot of effort to choose one, read the instructions and set it up. Once you get into the swing of things, you'll wonder why you've never considered it before. And if you really want to spice things up- ensure the winner gets more than just a pat on the back at the end.

Make a memory box or scrapbook- You have probably collected plenty of tickets, photos and notes by now- at least enough to pull them altogether in an album or a memory box. Why not gather them all up and look through them together before storing them neatly away or arranging them in date order?

Have an spring clean- It's probably been a whole year since your last big clearout- so if you live together why not have a tidy up? You can make some money from things you don't use anymore, take things to your local charity shop or to the tip and have a giggle at each other's bad wardrobe choices.

Have a duvet day- You both work hard all week so bring the duvet cover downstairs and snuggle up together. You can agree to watch something together or alternate and let each other make the viewing choice. If nothing else, it will open you up to new genres you might not have considered before.

Have a pamper day- Pamper days don't have to be girly or expensive- men can enjoy them too. Run and share a bath together, put on some soothing music, give each other a massage, get inventive with healthy drinks and snacks then spend all day in your dressing gowns!

Make up a picnic- Yes it may be cold outside- but you don't have to leave the house. Get your picnic basket out, fill it with goodies and some crockery, then spread out a picnic blanket in your front room by the fire and enjoy nibbling and sipping fizz in the dry and warmth of your own home.

Make an afternoon tea- Afternoon teas are becoming more and more popular with young couples and so the prices are creeping up. Why not have an afternoon tea at home instead? You can make all of your own sandwiches and cakes, dress your table and serve your favourite tea. It's much less per head than it would cost in a fancy tea room and you don't have to set foot outside.

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