Today is National Stay Home Because You're Well Day- we know you may not be able to skip work with your partner but here are a few suggestions of things you can do when you get home. If you're lucky enough to have today off work together then you can get a head start!

Get sorted for Crimbo!

Get sorted for Crimbo!

Catch up on some reading- Tuck up with one another under the covers, get toasty warm, touch toes and read all night if you want to. There's nothing more comforting on a freezing winter's night.

Get started on your Christmas cards- It's unfair to leave this mammoth task to one person so make it a joint effort and do half each. Bring festive snacks and whip up some non-alcoholic Christmas cocktails to make it a bit more bearable.

Make your partner dinner- You may be a 'throw it in the oven' kind of couple- but today you can blow the dust off those cookery books and cook up a storm. Or why not invent a new dish together?

Get your 2018 calendar up to date- Enter in all the usual stuff like birthdays and anniversaries and then plan events in between. Somewhere you have always wanted to go and never have or make a list of date night ideas for when you are too tired on a Friday night to think of anything to do with your free weekend.

Take a nap- There is nothing more fulfilling than snuggling up under the covers with your partner and having 40 winks- no one will ever know if you can both keep a secret.

Plan your next holiday- You may not have the money for it now but you can put a financial plan in place to save for it. Once you know your budget then you can be realistic with your plans.

Organise your photos- You both have photos on your phone and ones on the laptop- isn't it about time you printed some of them out to put around the house or organised them into an album?

Work on a project- You may want to get a kick start on a decoration project in your home. Measure up, make a list of things you need and then pop out on another day to get your materials.

Clean out your wardrobe- You likely both have lots of clothes you never wear anymore, so bag them up for a charity shop. While you're on, sort out the other cupboards in your home too and see if you can make any more room.

Sort out your Christmas presents- Work out what you already have and what you still need, then wrap and tag as you go. It will make life easier than having to wrap them all up at once.

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