You may laugh- but a joint calendar can work wonders in a relationship. Here's ten reasons why you might want to think about getting one for your wall to celebrate National Pencil Day.

What's the benefit?

What's the benefit?

It gives you something to look forward to- If you look on the calendar and see that it's only a few days until an event or date night- it can give you both the motivation you need to power through work.

It keeps you organised- It can be difficult to manage one schedule never mind two- so if you can clearly see what you're each up to on each day/night then you won't double book.

It's a point of focus- If you both use it well- there will be no overlaps or routing around to sync your individual diaries. Everything is right there in one place.

It helps you manage your joint finances- You know that if you have a weekend away at the end of the month not to blow all of your spare money at the beginning.

You can change your mind over the small stuff- If something better comes along or something comes up unexpectedly and you need to swap a plan-you can because it was likely only an intention and not a definite anyway.

You know with one glance what's concrete and what's an idea- If it's bought and paid for you know that it comes before all else- like holidays, weddings and weekends away. It's clear to see what you can and can't change.

It encourages you to spread your joint commitments out- You have learned from doing a lot in one week that you need nights in between your ventures out to rest. Having it on the wall can help you to plan outings every few days rather than one directly after the other.

It allows you both some 'me time'- If you see that your partner has a commitment- you can plan for a night in on your own to do whatever it is that takes your fancy and vice versa.

You can both arrange a night out with friends- If one of you is going out with their mates, it might encourage the other to do the same so you are getting time together and with other people.

You can plan mundane tasks around the more exciting activities- You can mark in when you intend to go supermarket shopping or when you need to do your cleaning so you don't neglect the more boring but necessary tasks.

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