As The Great British Bake Off returns to our screens tonight, we have a look at how the atmosphere changes in your household when it's on. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You avoid making plans- Your Tuesday evenings are sorted for the next few weeks- it may only be an hour out of your day but everything else has to wait.

Phones are out of bounds- Mobiles go on silent, the house phone goes off the hook. You've waited a year for this and NOTHING is going to get in your way. But texting family and friends who are fans of the show before and after is perfectly acceptable.

Neither of you answer the door- Your nearest and dearest know not to call at this time- but if a stranger rings the bell, they will be waiting out there a long time. You don't care that all the lights are on and they can hear the TV, as far as they are concerned- you're out.

You get ready beforehand- You clear the decks, pop to the loo, make a drink and get out the cakes and biscuits- so you don't feel left out.

You instantly become a baking connoisseur- You may be the most hopeless of cooks but as soon as you see other people on TV making mistakes, you suddenly know everything there is to know about baking.

'The bottom is soggy!'

'He's taken that cake out way too early!'

'The bake is too hot for that icing!'

You get hungry- You might not have a sweet tooth, you may well be on a diet or not even like cake all that much- but as soon as you see it on the screen, your mouth waters and you both want butter, eggs and flour in something- anything. Hence the snacks.

You root for the oldest lady there- The eldest of the bunch always reminds you both of your grandma and she makes the same things you used to eat when you were little so you instantly want her to win.

You can't wait to see what jewellery Prue is wearing each week- Her signature look is a weird and wonderful neacklace and she brings it every time!

You talk about how blue Paul Hollywood's eyes are- The women fancy him and the guys envy him for the fact that he is good looking and can bake- what a catch.

You laugh at all Noel and Sandi's jokes- Even though they are predictable and innocent- you both love them! Naff Dad jokes are what British TV is all about and you both admit how much you've missed it.

Bring on The Great British Bake Off 2019!

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