Asda has found that a third of couples won't host a party because it's too stressful. We take a look at the fears couples experience before having people over- when they summon up the courage to do so.

The clean up

The clean up

The guests won't enjoy themselves- You have your way and they have theirs. You might be fine with a pizza, glass of pop and a movie, while they might think that every weekend night justifies getting smashed and setting stuff on fire. You want to keep them happy but you value your back garden too much.

Items in the house may get damaged- You have that one friend who can't hold their drink or is just plain clumsy. When they come over you have to pack away your ornaments and baby proof the sharp corners of your house after they somehow managed to cut their head open on your fireplace last time.

Getting too drunk- You're not good with your own vomit, never mind other people's and you realise at this point that you have a lot of friends who make it their mission to drink till they chuck up. You wonder why you spend good money on carpets, cushions and drapes because they always get ruined when these mates come over.

Crying- You enjoy breaking into the booze when you have people over, but you're a sad drunk- one whiff of rose wine and you're off. Not the best mood for a host to be in- your partner has to leave your guests to look after you and the party comes to a crashing halt.

Cleaning up afterwards- The next day, you drag your bodies around the house, picking up plastic cups, left over food and paper plates with a raging hangover and vow never to do this ever again.

Food not being up to scratch- Neither of you can cook, so any party at your house involves a take out. Anyone that leaves with food poising you do feel bad for but you can pass the buck to the take away that supplied it.

Awkward silences- The awful moment at the beginning of the night when no one has had enough alcohol, introductions have been made and the polite exchanges are over. Drink up!

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