You spend ages deciding on who or what to go as- You scroll though Amazon and eBay, look in fancy dress shops but your decision is ultimately dictated by price. You know that you won't take care of your costumes after a few alcoholic beverages so it's not worth spending a fortune.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Always aim for a famous couple- Dany and Karl, Shrek and Fiona or Lois and Peter- it's a given that if you're sleeping together out of costume you have to look in love in character or at least like you match too.

Take ages getting ready- You know it's only a party but you want to be the best dressed there- so you take your time and help each other out with make-up and costumes so you'll look sh*t hot when you walk through the door.

Make an entrance- Whatever your couple's/character's catchphrase is- you have to say it as you reveal yourselves- just in case there's someone who doesn't recognise your costume.

Someone asks you who you're supposed to be- Your worst nightmare- and then you both have to explain who you're playing for one night only, which takes the shine right off your entrance.

Take lots of selfies together- It's not every day you apply face paint and wear an elaborate costume together so it's picture worthy.

Get horribly drunk- When the reality sets in that you look a bit daft, alcohol might be the only way to stop yourself from caring.

Get funny looks off the taxi driver at the end of the night- Although it's common for people to dress up for parties by this point your make-up has worn off and your costume is disgruntled and no-one knows what you're supposed to be.

Try to have sex in costume when you get home- Only to find that your outfit is not designed for a quickie on the couch.

Go to bed in your costume and or face paint- Because you're too drunk to undress yourself so the sex and normal night time routine goes out the window in favour of sleeping off the looming hangover.

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