Today is of course Boxing Day- a day couples reserve for eating, watching TV and doing very little else. Let's take a look...

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Have a lie in- Yesterday you were probably up early to prep the meal and of course- to see if Santa paid you a visit- so today's priority is getting rest- just like the guy in the red coat will be.

Stay in your PJs- You got all glammed and dressed up yesterday for your Christmas dinner so today is about minimum effort- aka a onesie or a dressing gown.

Eat the leftovers- There's always some leftover turkey for sandwiches so you gorge on these all day long with cold stuffing- yum.

Munch on sweets at every opportunity- Well, it's not every day you can have a bar of chocolate for your breakfast is it?!

Go through your presents with a fine tooth comb- Yesterday you didn't get a chance to have a good look at your gifts so today is about closer examination.

Make a rule not to leave the house- The last two months have been stressful- from prepping for your time off at work, thinking of and buying gifts, posting Christmas cards, attending parties, budgeting and trying not to put on too much weight. For one day all you want to do is slob about with each other. This includes not putting out the rubbish. 

Have everything you could possibly need around you- Instead of making endless trips to the kitchen- you bring all the snacks and drinks you could want to you so you have to move as little as possible.

Discuss yesterday's events- The presents, the people, the atmosphere, the food and whether you can be bothered to do it all again next year.

Watch Christmas TV- There's generally a festive version of your favourite TV show on and if all else fails- you probably got a DVD as one of your presents.

Stay up late- Just because you can- and because all the sugar you've consumed throughout the day is giving you the most incredible buzz, so you couldn't sleep even if you wanted to.

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