To celebrate National Clean Up Your Room Day, we take a look at the turmoil that is cleaning out your wardrobe with your partner. Here are 10 things that inevitably happen when you decide to venture into Narnia.

You laugh at each other's odd choice of attire over the years

You laugh at each other's odd choice of attire over the years

You set a time and a date- It's not the most fun thing to do, but a time needs to be set aside for it to take place. You suggest a day and gauge if your partner is game. If they are you jump at the opportunity. 

You open up one wardrobe at a time- Doing both together is a frightening prospect- who knows what is going to fall on your if you yank both doors open at once.

You try on everything- Whoever's wardrobe it is has to try on everything they own- to assess if it suits them, if its raggedy or if it makes the person in question look like a 90s throwback.

Laugh- It may be tedious but you have to laugh or you will cry at your tragic fashion choices. 

Consider yourself lucky- You become truly grateful that your partner was willing to be seen with you out in public at all. But also ask them why they never told you the truth. 

Grieve- For the clothes you hoped you would get your boobs/butt/hips/waist into at some point in your life- but still go nowhere near you. 

You make piles- The good kind- not the other kind- moving on. Piles of 'keepers', piles for the 'charity shop' and piles to 'bin'.

Put the keepers back- Like writing in a brand new school book, you take pride in draping, buttoning and placing everything neatly and making your hangers equidistant. You know that this attention to detail won't even last until the end of the day.

Make the trip to the charity shop- Drop the bag and run- you don't want to be associated with such fashion atrocities when you return.

Go shopping- You are seriously lacking in clothes now- so it's a good excuse to go shopping and buy some new trendy stuff. Clothes that make you want to set foot outside the door rather than retreat under your stairs like a bridge troll.

And the whole cycle begins again.

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