You wake in a haze- You have a dry mouth, there's a trail of clothes, money, shoes and empty bottles on the floor, your partner looks like death warmed up and you have the memory of some clumsy sex somewhere in the mix.

Feel sorry for yourself even though it's totally self-inflicted

Feel sorry for yourself even though it's totally self-inflicted

You check yourself out in the mirror- And you have the same pale and vacant look as your partner. Your attraction for each other is at rock bottom right now- but the only way is up with a shower and a toothbrush.

You both get up late- Chances are you had a late night so you make the most of one of your last lie ins before going back to work.

Reminisce about last night- The drunkards, the sensible sober folk, the conversations you had and the things you both did throughout the evening.

Check Facebook for evidence of the shaming- Whoever you were with is bound to have put something on social media- incriminating you or your partner- or worse- both- you need to get rid of the evidence before your reputation is permanently damaged.

Eat your weight in carbs- To soak up all the alcohol in the hope you'll be sober for when it matters. But tomorrow you'll eat better- or so you promise each other- but the leftover Christmas chocolates usually win.

You both stay in your pjs all day- Christmas day is a day for dressing up, New Year's Eve requires a lot of effort- but on New Year's Day- nightwear is the only way to go.

You swear to each other you'll never drink again- With the taste of alcohol on your breath and the sickly feeling in your tummy- you don't feel the need for alcohol to pass your lips and take a vow of sobriety together.

Watch a lot of TV- With the sound on LOW- Because your headache can't tolerate anything louder than a whisper.

Talk about the changes you're going to make- From diets, to drinking less, joining the gym and making your date nights more exciting- you are full of ideas because you don't have to execute them for a few more hours, which is when the hard work begins.